What are our bath products made out of?

All of our bath products are made with ethically, cruelty free, sustainably sourced ingredients. We use a blend of essential oils and plant based fragrance oils to scent our products. Nearly all of our bath products are vegan with the exception of our solid lotion bars, which we use, again, ethically and cruelty free source of beeswax. 

In the future we do plan on adding goats milk soaps to our line up. We will strive to make the same commitment to the environment as we do with our current product ingredients.

What are our Fiber Art/Yarn Products made with?

Our yarn products are made out of mostly 100% acrylic yarns. Occasionally we may feature a product made with other fiber materials, but we will research and do our best to guarantee it is still a responsibly sourced material. 

if options are safety eyes on any stuffed animal, please note that for safety reasons we do use plastic safety eyes and joints for durability and longevity. There is always an option for crochet or felted eyes. If that if the option you seek reach out to us today and we can put a custom order together for you.