About Us

From a young age our founder, Marrisa, has always been creative and exploring new ways to feed her creative side. Being taught how to crochet by her Grandmother, opened up a whole new world of possiblities. What started out as simple hobby to keep her busy soon turned into a passion. From simple baby blankets to designs, stuffed animals and everything in between, she has flourished with the fiber arts. Around 2010 she met her future husband, Jordan, and they started on a journey together in this wild world. 

Through everything, they strived to do their best everyday. Marrisa soon took up a hobby of making homemade bath products at home. Though this was mostly just a few small things occasionally, it still sparked an interest to learn more and see what she could do. For a short time she worked in a small soap business and it rekindled her creative spirit.

She became pregnant with their son, Asher, and knew that life was going to head in an unknown direction. They made the hard decision of her staying home with their young child, while Jordan stayed hard at work with the daily grind. With all the strife in the world, the gears started turning for Marrisa and she knew she needed to do more for her family.

Now a few years, and many long nights of research and development later, she was ready to open up her own bath product business. It started out as small interest from family and friends and has quickly turned into a larger passion for creating then she could have anticipated. 

With her own recipes under her belt and a belief that she can create new things all the time with different combinations of scents and ingredients, along with her passion for fiber arts, Majocol Gear LLC was born. 

Thanks to her friends with the business name idea, we launched January 2023! Our website launching February 2023. Majocol (Pronounced “magical” ) Gear LLC pays homage to the dedication and time to forge and create this business. From small fibers to simple good for you ingredients, we hope to brighten your day with gear you need for life. Whether that is simply a cute cuddly stuffed animal, to warding off germs; we are sure to have something you will need or use on this quest we call life!